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I embarked on my tea journey when I studied abroad in China in 2008 and traveled around Taiwan that summer. I'm here to share my experiences and offer my own opinion, advice, and comments on tea.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hou De 2007 Zhen-Yen Handcrafted "Rou Gui"

Location: Wuyi, Zhen-yen
Roasting: Medium-Roasted

6 g for 120 ml
15 seconds for first three steepings, increasing by 10 seconds for each additional steeping.

Dry Leaf Appearance:
Rich and roasted aroma, almost smoky, and a bit spicy.

Tasting Notes:
The tea exhibited a very amber liquor, yet it was very clear. The first and second steepings had a very fruity flavor, but yet was smooth and mellow. There's a slight almond flavor to the spiciness. In the second steeping there is a slight caramelized flavor, dare I say sweet? What was most pleasing was a slight astringency the danced on the back of my tongue. By the fourth steeping that was a floral aroma to the tea, with a slight tartness that went well with the fruitiness. So did I like this tea? Yes. From what I've gathered from other reviews, this tea seems to be more highly roasted, which is nice because I'm a big fan of roasted teas. I felt that it was a good introduction to the other wuyi teas, because I've only been drinking Da Hong Pao up to this point.

This was a good introduction to the Wuyi family of teas, and I'm looking forward to trying out the others. I think I'm going to order some Shuixian, Tie Lo Han, and Bai Ji Gui.


tieguanyin said...

Nice Post! Sounds like a tasty tea!


Bret said...

I,ve bought this tea several times and it,s my favorite. Although to expensive for regular consumption (were it always available)I found the roasting to be perfect as it doesnt cover up the inherant flavors in the tea. By the way, your doing a good job on your blog.