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I embarked on my tea journey when I studied abroad in China in 2008 and traveled around Taiwan that summer. I'm here to share my experiences and offer my own opinion, advice, and comments on tea.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Just Want to Have Fun

Maybe it's the two years I've been away, but I have a more casual relationship with tea right now. I think interest in hobbies require some amount of leisure time. I had some tea ware with me and some tea in Azerbaijan, but I was so busy that I actually didn't finish the tea I brought with me. Looking at past emails and discussion forums I don't know if I even want to be that obsessed with tea any more. So much of my time had been spent nit picking minor details and endless trolling of web sites to find the best tea/tea ware and the best prices. Discussion over topics on forums are so heated now that I'm afraid to state my opinion otherwise I get blasted by collective Internetz rage, whereas before I would've gladly stepped into the fray and stand my ground. Before I left there were some newer members who, in the span of two years, have become full fledged experts (real or self-proclaimed), spouting off obscure knowledge about the exact composition of Zi Ni clay versus Zi Sha clay. It's scary how fast we tumble down the rabbit hole. Just imagine, I was like too at some point, one of those "stop having fun" guys. Now I don't care as much. I don't care if my pu-erh is going to age as well as it would in a more humid climate, I don't care if my Yixing pot is not as good as some older pot, I don't care that I'm "doing everything wrong." I just want to enjoy tea. Is that enough? 

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tieguanyin said...

Hey MT, your post echoes my current thinking. Lots of noise in the tea world. At the end of the day, what is important is to enjoy the drink =D!

Thanks for posting on your current tea adventures.