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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Even though it may seem from my absence of posting that I'm not thinking/drinking about tea, the truth is far from that. Tea is becoming a constant subject on my mind, whether I'm awake or asleep. This is truly becoming an obsession that is consuming my life, and I love it.

I have two different spaces for my teapots, one for the teapots that I use most frequently (situated closest to my brewing station) and a second space farther away, where I keep unused pots, which are either too big or just unloved. On that second shelf sits a purion teapot, my first "real" teapot I bough almost two years ago in the quaint ceramic/stoneware town that is Yingge. I used it for a while, until I decided that: 1. it was a bit on the large size and 2. it doesn't season or develop a shine like yixing (at least to the extent of my understanding). So what prompted me to take a sudden re-interest in this particular pot?

Zero over at Something Smuggled In had something to do with it. He's experimenting with yixing storage, and I've had the same questions about storage in purion. I've seen purion jars pop up every once in a while, and I've wondered what this "magical" clay affects tea. I sure as heck didn't want to spring for a purion jar (which can be pretty darned pricey) so I decided to use my purion pot as a temporary storage container. I put some wet-stored loose leaf in there, just enough for a single session, for a few days. After two days the wet-storage all but disappeared, and the tea seemed to have a better flavor/aroma, with little storage taste. It tasted much better than if I had brewed it straight from its usual jar.

Of course, this may have to do with airing out of the tea, so I'm doing the same experiment with my yixing pot and just airing out in the open for a few days.


Zero the Hero said...

Hello? I thought I heard my name...

Thanks for the mention and the equally intriguing experiment. I've sometimes wondered about using a teapot for letting a pot's worth of tea breathe. It seems like maybe the main idea is to give the tea some air, but not too much. I agree about the jar prices--it's tough to invest a lot of tea budget money into jars, but if they work well maybe it's a sound investment.

Maitre_Tea said...

Since I'm still in the nomadic years of my life, I'm not ready to weigh my luggage down with jars upon jars, esp. if I need that space for something more important, like say puerh...

I think that the opening in the spout and "air-hole" might prove a problem for longer-term storage, but since I'm only storing enough for the next session it shouldn't be too bad. My only fear is that in particularly humid environments the tea could go moldy/soft.

Right now I have some puerh "aging" as well as some high-fire TGY in my purion pot. Should make for a fun experiment.

Anonymous said...

I have some purion storage jars. There are smaller ones which are not too expensive. I find they really improve the tea and all stale or storage tastes and smells are removed. However, it takes up to 3 months for this to be complete.