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Friday, December 11, 2009

Teaware Garage Sale

I think one of the marks of being a tea geek is realizing how much unused stuff you have that's taking up space. So in the tradition of tea ware sales, I am hoping to lighten my load a bit. A few guidelines regarding payment information and general info about the items:
  1. Please email me at MaitreTea@gmail.com, unless you know my "real" email address.
  2. All prices include shipping within the continental United States. If you are buying from abroad please email me so I can give you an accurate freight quote. If you are buying in bulk than we might be able to cut a deal. We can discuss this via email. Items will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail.
  3. All items, unless specified, have been used lightly. For some of these pots, I've only used them a few times or so. I will give detailed notes about the condition of each item, including any damage.
  4. Payment through paypal is preferred, though if you want to make other arrangements please feel free to email me.
  5. First come, first serve. The first person to pay me will get the item. End of story. *ADDED* All sales are final, and although I'll gladly accept returns you must pay for the return postage it may not be worth it given the low price of these items. Also, I did my damn best in packing (see comments for more details), but once it leaves my hands it's up to USPS to deliver it safely to you.

130 ml Duan Ni Yixing


110 ml Duan Ni Yixing


Japanese Teapot and Teacups

Vendor: Unknown; Somewhere from Arita, Japan though.
Price: $35
Size: Teapot is 700 ml filled to the brim; teacups are 200 ml filled up to the brim.
Material: Porcelain
Description: Unused and completely new. Comes in the original box it came in. Good for those who don't brew gong fu style or just love Japanese porcelain.

Japanese Porcelain Teacups

Vendor: Unknown; Somewhere from Arita, Japan though.
Price: $10 each; $20 for both
Size: 150 ml when filled up to the brim
Material: Porcelain
Description: Unused and completely new


Bret said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maitre_Tea said...

Yeah, it's always a gamble but I just need to clear up the space. PS: Do you still want any of the items that I showed you, even if not for a while? If not I'm going to up them up for sale...

Bret said...

Hey Maitre, For now, No. I just spent too much money today on some Phoenix Mountain Dan Cong and various Yancha from a local shop. The Dan Cong, $189.00 a lb. OUCH! But it sure is nice.

Garage sale drama, I think the guy just decided he didnt want the pot or whatever and broke it intentionally and now wants a refund, not sure how to handle this. Now I,m out the cost of the pot plus the shipping (to Canada) that is if I decide to refund.

Brett said...

Bret - That Canada deal does sound "suspect." It sounds like you were doing everything right... so Good Luck with all that.

As a frequent shipper of breakable items, I always take every reasonable precaution to pack it well and then, before the deal goes down, I tell the recipient something like: "Dear {BLANK}, I did my best to pack this up well... but once it leaves my hands it's condition is obviously out of my control... so if it arrives broken then it's not my responsibility. Knowing this do you want to proceed?"

That gives me a little extra security... and if it does arrive broken (which has only happened twice in 8 years) and I still decide to refund the recipient (I normally do) then I look like an even nicer person.

Maitre- Looking forward to my new yancha pot. 謝謝您!!!

Maitre_Tea said...

Yeah, I'm always afraid of sketchy people, but luckily my first two sales were with people who have a presence on the online tea community so if they did try to pull something I can call them out on it to all the other tea heads.

I did my best to pack it. Separated the lid and body with some tissue paper, wrapped it in bubble wrap and put it in a small box. Put small into larger shipping box, surrounded with some bubble wrap and lots of newspaper. After sealing I shack the box. If it doesn't make any sounds than I know it's "tight" in there. I shipped tons of stuff from China to my house, and only item broke, so I'm fairly confident of my packing skills. Hopefully USPS won't mess it up...